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More Retirees Choose Rent – a Lifestyle Decision 

According to a study by mortgage giant Freddie Mac, six million baby boomers, born before 1961, who already own a home are more likely to sell and rent than sell and buy within the next three years. Another study by the Joint Center for Housing finds the number of new 55-and-up renters is more than three times the number of new renters of any…

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Questions that Every Landlord has in His Mind Before Hiring a Property Manager

One of the most confusing decisions for a landlord is whether they should hire a property management company or manage their rental property themself. Many investors don’t hire a property manager because they understand what a property management company will do for them. Here are the top queries that generally every investor has in mind, so we aim to address them. What Will a…

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What is Property Management? Understanding Property Management

When a landowner owns a property but lacks the time or skills to manage the commercial aspects of the property, they might hire a property manager. A property manager is a middleman between an owner and a tenant responsible for various activities, including property care. If you’re thinking about a job in property management, you’ll need to understand what it includes and the obligations…

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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Buying an Investment Condo

Buying your first investment property is both exciting and nerve-racking, and there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge. From determining what type of property to who will handle maintenance and tenant requests, you have to hash out the details ahead of time. You should also ask yourself the following few questions (presented by Metropolitan Property Management) before you pick up the…

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