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With Pricing is 40% to 50% Below the Industry Average, Start Saving on Property Management Costs Today!


One time cost Per Client not Unit


Industry lowest pricing with high end services


The same price for all inspections


One time fee when we quickly place your tenant.

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Discover Metropolitan Property Management -your key to saving on property management costs while boosting rental income, reducing vacancies, and ensuring worry-free maintenance. With Our Lowest in Market Rates we have revolutionized property management with strategies tailored to your needs. Our Lightening fast Vacancy to Tenancy Strategy includes:

High-end residential marketing by seasoned professionals to over 100 rental sources

Personalized agent showings to rent your property quickly to the right tenant

 Proprietary pricing tools provide optimal rental rates that help you profit quickly and remain rented longer

Thorough tenant screening, preventing profit loss and improve tenant property care

Our Process

A simple, yet effective Five step process.

Connect with our Sales

Call us at 904 640-7971 and you will talk with a knowledgeable and local agent that can provide you with what you need to know or set you up to go!

Property Marketing

Upon signing with 1 or 100 rentals we market your properties within all available markets and renter providers so you begin profiting fast!

Find a Great Tenant

We provide a tenant that is fully screened and financially ready to rent and take care of your property.

Rent Collection

Our collection processes allow renters the dignity of handling their payments online. When payment delays arise our team quickly responds to resolve the issue immediately.

Financial Reporting

We provide you, the owner with monthly and annual reporting from our state-of-the-art software that takes care of all your accounting needs and keeps you informed. Property Managment Designed for the Investor.

We save you thousands of dollars for this
level of Institutional Property Management.

  • We save you thousands of dollars for this level of Institutional Property Management.

  • Our state-of-the-art Property Management tools finds and keeps your renters and your cash flow.

  • We can effectively manage any residential or multi-family property anywhere you need us to do so.

  • Day to day Property Management duties and responsibilities are lifted from your care. 

  • Monthly and Yearly reporting provide you with all you need to manage your business. 

  • We are a full Real Estate Brokerage and can handle all your transactions Professionally and cost effectively.

  • With our 25 years of combined experience in the property management industry, we have seen it all and can expertly navigate issues that may arise, to the Property owner’s best outcome.

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